Specialized tax assessment: Planning of tax strategies in order to optimize resources and minimize tax contributions complying with the current legislation:

“ We optimize your company’s tax obligations within legal boundaries. ”

  • Income tax

  • Nonresident tax

  • Wealth tax

  • Declaration of assets abroad

  • Objective assessment schemes (modules)

  • Corporate income tax

  • Value added tax

  • Trade tax

  • Capital transfer tax

  • Calculation of tax on increase in urban land value.

  • Intrastat

  • Tax register declarations

  • Informative declarations

  • Special tax regulations: co-ops, Economic Interest Groups, foundations, associations…

  • Resolution of queries to the tax authorities regarding any type of tax

  • Advice on personal and family properties

Transactions with national tax authorities:

Tax certificates

Exemption recognition and tax benefit requests.

Undue income requests and processing of tax return documentation.

Tax revenue: deferred and partial payments.

Electronic notification management.

Company tax audits.