When it comes to tax issues, we are specialists in assessment, representation and defense before the tax administration (state, regional as well as local tax authorities).  Based on our experience and training, we can guarantee our customers the best defense of their interests concerning tax matters.

  • Tax declarations and proceedings: assessment in the field of tax declarations and self-assessment, corrections, queries (verification of tax returns, census data and tax obligations). Assessment and representation in all tax-related proceedings: requests, data verification processes and partial audits, among others..

“ We are pragmatic: we will not make our customers go through unnecessary proceedings when the project is not viable. ”

  • Verification and inspection proceedings and performances: representation and assessment of all types of procedures.
  • Penalty procedures and performances representation and assessment of all types of procedures, defense in the case of violation and penalty enforcements.
  • Tax revenue collection procedures and performances: representation and assessment in issues regarding tax payments, deferred and installment payments, undue income requests and processing of tax return documentation, among others.
  • Filing of economic: administrative appeals and requests: Filing, representation and assessment of all procedures.
  • Administrative: contentious appeals: Filing, representation and assessment for all procedures.