Many years of activity in this field have allowed us to acquire good knowledge of the world of the performing arts and theatre, including theatre groups as well as production companies. We are a team of specialized professionals that can help you run your theater business.

We offer guidance to entrepreneurs who want to start up a business in the specific area of theater or the general area of the performing arts, helping them in the different phases of the development of their business plan:

We offer assessment on how to select the legal form that best fits your theater company. Besides that, we also show you how you can save on your tax returns.

“The tax advantages offered to new entrepre- neurs and start-up companies were very attractive”

Pere Farran (actor and theater director of “Butai  Produccions”)


We help you out with the development of business and viability plans, especially designed for theatre and performing arts companies which evaluate the profitability of the project, boost its strengths and improve its weaknesses.

We calculate your liquidity plan in order to set monthly financial targets and manage funds according to the company’s needs at any particular time.   The liquidity plan is a key element in performing art companies.


“Making good cost estimates and keeping strict control helped us to avoid surprises”
Theater Producer


We do your accounting and at the same time we control the costs of each project (plays, productions,…) to obtain a good notion of the profitability of each project and being able to make sound decisions.

“Now we can determine at what point a project starts to generate profits”

Marc Hervàs and Clara Dalmau
(Theater director and actress of “La companyia del príncep Totilau”)



We periodically present your tax declarations and required documents according to the legal regulations, for example Corporate Tax and Annual Accounts.

Theatre companies and producers have an ally in us; we resolve daily issues, but we also take part in the decision-making process in a business sector that up to now has been lacking good technical support.