We develop business and viability plans that allow entrepreneurs or business people to make informed decisions, taking into account all vital issues necessary to complete a project; from a technical, but also an economic and financial point of view.

– We help you present your business idea.
– Business origin.  Analysis of basic competiveness of business model elements.
– Presentation of the team. The entrepreneurs and their contributions to the project.
– Product or service descriptions.
– Market studies.
– Marketing plans.
– Financial plans.
– DAFO analysis (strong and weak points)
– Conclusions.

Here you can consult a business plan model for the scenic arts business sector.

As an annex to the company viability plan we attach a Performance overview, in which the relevant information about the business plan is explained in a simple and comprehensible way. This summary is fruit of extensive and thorough analysis and study of the principal business idea, in order to give a realistic impression of the potential success or viability of the business concept.

Click here for an example.

The financial side of the Project is fundamental. We will start with an initial investment plan followed by a Profit & Loss account; then we will calculate the financial budget in order to proceed to the periodic cycles, make the best business decisions and prepare for contingencies.  Another interesting concept is the so called balance point of a company which establishes the minimum earnings of a business in order to be able to deal with the expenses and begin making profits.

Click here for a financial budget example with balance point calculation.

The business plan as well as the viability plan is essential in the search for financing, since any financing institution, investor, Business Angel or capital risk entity will value the viability of the project when making an investment decision.
Through the following links you will find some Business Angel platforms and Enterprise Acceleration Centers where you can present your business or start-up project. We offer our expertise to facilitate the process and help you prepare all necessary documents.