We perform business accounting according to the Code of Commerce and the General Accounting Plan: logbooks, inventory books and annual accounts.

“Our internal business protocols reassure our customers of a job well done.
With us, you can be confident there will be no unpleasant surprises”

Accounting for companies and independent entrepreneurs: records of income and sales, purchases and expenses and capital goods.

Reception and arrangement of documentation and management and revision of bookkeeping entries (logbooks, ledgers or subaccount extracts, trial and results balance sheets, ECPN, EFE).

Continuing assessment of bookkeeping issues.

Review / creation and legalization of company books and records at the Chamber of Commerce.

Presentation of annual accounts.

Fiscal and accounting planning. Reports and economic-financial analysis.

Implementation of analytical and cost proceedings and government accounting.

Financial budgets and cost analysis of companies.

Associated operations, transfer prices and document obligations.

Company evaluations.